Specialist Academic Programmes

Our specialist academic programmes are designed to augment and build on a students previous experience be that through prior learning or work experience. The purpose is to develop that learning and experience so that you have the new qualifications you require to take your career further or to gain access to university or college and start your degree or diploma programme.

All our courses are externally accredited or form part of a progression agreement with a university. They are taught by experts in their field.

We have courses in Business Management, Business Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Science and Humanities.

We also work with employers to design specialist courses to meet the specific training needs of the organisation. This might be, for example, a course or in-service training and development on an area such as performance management, or Health and Safety.

Some of these courses are available now and others will be available very soon as part of the Leicester Academy Network.

Please call and let us know your requirements and areas of interested.